10 inspirational Richard Branson quotes

You only have to look at the success experienced by the various Virgin companies to realise that Richard Branson has something a little special about him. Throughout his time as an entrepreneur and adventurer the Virgin Founder has had more than his fair share of triumphs, along with one or two notable mishaps.

Time spent reading one of Branson’s books or blog posts gives an amazing insight into the inner-workings of a unique individual, although one of his great strengths lies in being able to cut through the waffle and get to the point of a matter. Therefore there are an abundance of memorable quotes which have come straight from the man himself over the years. We noticed that Forbes have come up with their Top 11 Richard Branson quotes, so here’s our 10 favourite.

Which one resonates with you? Or perhaps we’ve missed out your personal pick? Let us know below…

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One Response to "10 inspirational Richard Branson quotes"

  1. Mimi says:

    I love this man! He always seems to have a great big smile for everyone. He is obviously very loving and considerate of others, surely someone to emulate.
    Think about it, the more wee smile, like a yawn, it becomes contagious. :D
    A Smile makes everyone feel better. Love, Mimi


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