My Mum Encouraged Me To Go Into Prostitution – Kaffy

Sensational dance, music artist and mother, Kaffy, made a surprising confession. While speaking at a recent event organised to mentor young people,  Kaffy revealed that she was advised by her mother to go into prostitution to survive.

According to the dancer, young people need to learn how to read between the lines so that they are not misguided into making the wrong choices, because sometimes, the people that they look up to, may be the very ones to lead them astray.

She went further to say that she had to pay her way through school as she did not attend the conventional school every child attends. she added that she had to wait for regular school goers to get back from school so she could borrow their books to read up.

Well done Kaffy, we admire your strength.



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4 Responses to "My Mum Encouraged Me To Go Into Prostitution – Kaffy"

  1. Jaymes K-zo says:

    Interesting. My folks were broke but I never got encouraged to go in 19 or my sistas into Prostituion. My mother beats the shit out of me when I come home with something she never bought for me. I guess we didn't have the same experience. Great story though.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i luv u kaffy u ar a determined woman


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