John Dumelo’s Fake Wife Exposed By Her Close Friends?

For weeks now John Dumelo has been in the lime light regarding his alleged marriage to Harrina Alexander. The lady claims to be legally married to the Ghollywood super star and has pulled out all the stops in publicly announcing the marriage. We are yet to get a formal response regarding this matter from John Dumelo himself, however, Village Square has an interesting twist to the story.

This is the story according to Village Square:

For some time now, WE has been monitoring and investigating into John Dumelo’s alleged marriage saga. Whiles we take some time to debate on the issues in our office as to if the story is a gimmick to promote John Dumelo‘s new clothing line (JMELO) or it is a strategy to make the lady in question Harrina Alexander popular, WE  can say with confidence that we have gathered enough voice, video and online evidence which we will be publishing to the public one after the other.

The evidences that we have gathered might not be too clear to tell all the truth in the issue but would give details to some of the truth that will interest the public.

After listening to some voice recordings between Harrina Alexander and her friend (name withheld) Harrina and John Dumelo agreed to do a marriage certificate for a project but not a real marriage. In the process, there was a breach of contract which has not been revealed to us yet.

In another separate chat with Harrina and her pal named Belinda, Harrina revealed to Belinda that her main motive is to destroy.

The question is who is behind this whole drama? And why is John Dumelo not telling the public what motivated the marriage certificate. We will be coming out with the part two and other documents. Stay tune.



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