Video: Did Beyoncé Perform “Irreplaceable” with Blue Ivy?

Beyonce brought out her baby girl at the May 4 stop of her Mrs. Carter Show world tour. The hot mama took her baby girl Blue Ivy’s hand during “Irreplaceable.” Blue Ivy was sporting some protective headphones and a sweet dress. Check out footage from the concert below. Blue and Bey get some time together at the 5:45 mark. Some say it’s not Blue Ivy. Well, we can’t really tell. The child in the video looks a bit older but then the video’s not the best so we’d have to wait and see.

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One Response to "Video: Did Beyoncé Perform “Irreplaceable” with Blue Ivy?"

  1. Anonymous says:

    That was great of beyonce and blue ivy on the show,she had show how motherly care is buh splendily appreciate it very well,keep it gurl.


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