Pictures of Paul Okoye & alleged baby mama Elshama Igbanoi emerge

If you missed the original story, catch up HERE. Contrary to the report according to Sahara reporters, 19 year old Elshama Igbanoi’s baby was actually born April 7th in the UK, four days before Paul Okoye and his girlfriend Anita welcomed their son, Andre, in Atlanta. The report also stated that Elshama was stuck in a London hospital. Linda Ikeji, who spoke to her confirmed that this is incorrect and further added that mother and baby are actually at home.

The child’s birth certificate bears Paul Okoye’s name but only a DNA test can ultimately prove who the father really is. The Okoye’s are still not saying anything about the issue. In fact, someone from their camp said they do not plan to issue a statement or react to the story in any way.

Elshama Benson Igbanoi Paul Okoyer



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