2Face’s Baby Mama, Sunmbo Ajaba’s Wedding To Pastor Adeoye Cancelled

All ye without sin cast the first stone.

This is news according to Pulse NG. Do you agree with the congregation? Please read and drop your thoughts below.

The bells are silent…

There will be no wedding! No hurried giddy arrangements for a special walk down the isle, no effervescent display of brilliant confetti, neither will there be a groom by the night’s end to soothe her heart. Because there will be no wedding For Sunmbo Ajaba. Not anymore.

Remember Sunmbo Ajaba? No? Then relax let’s talk.

Sunmbo is one of the baby mamas of 2face Idibia, bearing 2 sons for him. Zii and Nino. She was scheduled to wed the senior pastor of Royal Christian Centre – Pastor David Adeoye on the 4th of May (the previous Saturday). Well, the wedding did not hold!

Instead of a wedding, the coupled were engaged in different activities in different parts of the globe. Sunmbo was in the USA, and the Pastor? He was dispensing God’s word in his church.

No official reasons were released for cancellation, but sources have revealed that it was due to stiff pressure by the church members who apparently were not thrilled by the thoughts of having their revered Pastor hooked to a lady who has children out of wedlock.

Courtesy: Pulse NG



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