Bhaira McWizu AMBO 3 Winner Speaks on Marriage & Pregnancy Rumours

In a recent interview with Bella Naija’s Adeola Adeyemo, Amstel Malta Box Office 3 (AMBO 3) winner – Bharia McWizu (Bayray) spoke about marriage and pregnancy rumors. She starred in the AMBO produced movie ‘Cindy’s Notes’ where she played the lead role alongside Nonso Diobi. She later featured in ‘Kiss & Tell’ and soon to be released ’7th Commandment’.Read the excerpt below;

Some years ago, it was reported that you got married and were going to take a break off acting.

I am not married! People should stop marrying me off to people.

Oh really. The rumour was everywhere. It was also reported that you were pregnant.
Someone saw me and said “Congratulations, I saw it on TV that you got married. Happy married life.” I was so surprised. No, I wasn’t pregnant.

What do you think prompted the rumours?
You know how they say, every smoke has a fire somewhere. Of course, I took time out to do things I considered personal, things that I’ve never really talked about and I don’t feel obliged to talk about now. I was supposed to get into something like that but it didn’t really work out as I planned. The rumours would always start from something small and blow up to something huge. But this is me, still standing, still focused and enjoying my life.

Read the full interview here



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