Wedding Gele – Find the right style

Almost every woman dreams of a perfect wedding day from age 13, we fuss about the right wedding dress, the right weather, the right crowd and the right vows. We fantasize of all the color blends for the day, wishing for a fairy-tale spotless day in the arms of the man who means everything to us.

GistUs understands the need for this day to be perfect and we have come up with a fantastic way to help make your preparations less stressful. We want the best for you on your most special day and for this reason we will be dedicating special wedding collection editions with hand picked wedding necessities to our lovely brides.

Today we have a selection of Wedding Geles for our brides; a collection of different styles, colors and designs for your perusal. We hope that this lightens the weight on choice, that way you can worry about other things.

Wedding Gele styles 9

Wedding Gele styles 25

Wedding Gele styles 6

Wedding Gele styles 4

Wedding Gele styles 19

Wedding Gele styles 12

Wedding Gele styles

Wedding Gele styles 23


Wedding Gele styles 21

Wedding Gele styles 20

Wedding Gele styles 18

Wedding Gele styles 17

Wedding Gele styles 16

Wedding Gele styles 15

Wedding Gele styles 14

Wedding Gele styles 11

Wedding Gele styles 8

Wedding Gele styles 7

Wedding Gele styles 5

Wedding Gele styles - Damilola Bello1

Wedding Gele styles - Bisola1

Here is a video by Ewar Make-up on how to tie Gele. It’s a simple way to tie your Gele for simple days. Hope it helps!

Gele – The wrapper or pagne is a colorful women’s garment widely worn in West Africa. It has formal and informal versions and varies from simple draped clothing to fully tailored ensembles. The formality of the wrapper depends on the fabric used to create it. In Nigeria (also in West Africa) the wrapper is most common, called an iro in the Yoruba language, pronounced EE-roe. The wrapper is usually worn with a matching headscarf or head tie that is called a gele in Yoruba, pronounced gae-lae.  A full wrapper ensemble consists of three garments. First, a blouse, called a buba, pronounced boo-bah. Second, a wrap skirt called a wrapper in English or an iro in Yoruba. Third, a headscarf which is called a head tie in English and a gele in Yoruba.



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18 Responses to "Wedding Gele – Find the right style"

  1. ifeoma says:

    I love all dis! Very beautiful! Am an igbo lady but I find d iro attire more xquisite for traditional marriages!how can I get dis geles?

  2. esther says:

    Very beautiful. Kudos to those responsible. Good job

  3. Funkyy Yhemmhyy says:

    dis is nice

  4. white says:

    Wow nice nd perfect job…

  5. mayowa opaleke says:

    Wow I rili luv dis,ve nw knwn hw 2 tie gelle,it has bin a concern 2 me,kudos 2 u

  6. Heseeakarl Priscilla Phorlarsh says:

    please, send video on how to tie gele to my e-mail

  7. lucy says:

    Nice job dear kip d flame burning! God bless u


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