How Camilla Mberekpe was delivered from witchcraft

If you missed the video, watch it HERE. An associate of the actress explained the situation on her behalf. On Sunday April 28th, the actress appeared on T.B Joshua’s televised deliverance programme on Emmanuel TV, but contrary to earlier reports that she confessed to being a witch, her associate says she never did. She went for deliverance because she felt that an evil force was making life difficult for her. Her associate explains:

Camilla never confessed to being a witch. There was an evil spirit that possessed her and it was the evil spirit that spoke through her. That does not make her a witch. You all should go spiritual and see all the things that go on around you. She took herself to church. Witches don’t take themselves to church for deliverance. Witches don’t operate that way. The evil spirit said, not Camilla said, so please let’s understand this before we start calling her a witch.

Camilla returned to the church the following week to say she has been delivered ‘from every bondage of Satan in her life’ and her visit to the church had totally transformed her life.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks God 4 she had been delivered.


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