Gist Us Weddings: Arubasa Kagho-Omomadia weds Tokunbo Alaran

Arubasa (Ruby) said ‘I do’ to the love of her life – Tokunbo Alaran on the 13th of April 2013 in Lagos. The church service took place at Christ Reality Church in Satellite Town, Lagos while the reception followed immediately after at Senior Rates Mess, Naval Air Station, Ojo, Lagos. The couple celebrated their traditional wedding rites on the 11th of April 2013. When asked how to describe their wedding in one word, the couple said it was ‘Wow.’

How they met

They met in church (COZA Abuja). They only ever said ‘hi’ from afar at first and then they started talking, exchanging messages but never got close. Tokunbo asked Ruby on several dates, which she turned down but he was persistent and waited believing strongly that Ruby was his wife. In his words, “I want to marry you… I know what I want and I’ve found it in you, but lets build our friendship.” Finally, they started dating in April 2012 and a year later, they’re now married.

The Proposal

Tokunbo proposed on Ruby’s birthday. He had it all planned out with her parents. On that day (Friday, December 7, 2012), here’s how it happened.

We went out for what he called a ‘birthday lunch.’ After lunch, we went somewhere else. I noticed my parents had not called to wish me ‘Happy Birthday’ and it was about 4pm (which was very unlike them). So at about 4.20pm, my dad called along with my mym and they wished me ‘Happy Birthday.’ My mum opened up and said the reason they hadn’t called all day was because Tokunbo told them not to call or pick my call until 4.20pm, which happened to be my birth time as recorded on my birth certificate.

Well, after all the drama, we went to a friend’s office and as we sat down to wait for this friend, I noticed he brought something out of his bag and then went on his knees. I actually tried to run away as I cried. He followed me and brought me back to the seat and went on his knees asking me to marry him. Well, I said Yes and today we’re married.

Pre-Wedding Shoot

Arubasa Kagho-Omomadia & Tokunbo Alaran Wedding9 Arubasa Kagho-Omomadia & Tokunbo Alaran Wedding10 Arubasa Kagho-Omomadia & Tokunbo Alaran Wedding11Arubasa Kagho-Omomadia Tokunbo Alaran Wedding Pictures

Traditional Wedding (Engagement)

Arubasa Kagho-Omomadia & Tokunbo Alaran Wedding4

Arubasa Kagho-Omomadia & Tokunbo Alaran Wedding13 IMG-20130413-WA000Arubasa Kagho-Omomadia & Tokunbo Alaran Wedding8 Arubasa Kagho-Omomadia & Tokunbo Alaran Wedding7 Arubasa Kagho-Omomadia & Tokunbo Alaran Wedding6 Arubasa Kagho-Omomadia & Tokunbo Alaran Wedding5 Arubasa Kagho-Omomadia & Tokunbo Alaran Wedding3 Arubasa Kagho-Omomadia & Tokunbo Alaran Wedding12Arubasa Kagho-Omomadia Tokunbo Alaran Wedding Pictures

 White Wedding

Arubasa weds Tokunbo13Arubasa weds Tokunbo8 Arubasa weds Tokunbo7

Arubasa Kagho-Omomadia Tokunbo Alaran Wedding Pictures

Arubasa weds Tokunbo (2)Arubasa weds Tokunbo6Arubasa weds Tokunbo 3Arubasa weds Tokunbo10 Arubasa weds Tokunbo9Arubasa weds Tokunbo19 Arubasa weds Tokunbo11 Arubasa weds Tokunbo1 Arubasa Kagho-Omomadia & Tokunbo Alaran Wedding2Arubasa weds Tokunbo10 Arubasa weds Tokunbo9 Arubasa weds Tokunbo


Bride’s Makeup: BLM (Beauty Language)
Bridesmaids Outfit: Ophelia Parle
Wedding Cake: Trade Culture
Photography: Emmy Pixel
Videography: Shoben Videos



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  1. taye says:

    That wonderful may u live long and enjoy your self

  2. Adesope Adeoti says:

    This is so lovely. Congrats Arubasa. God bless your home.

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    The pictures are exquisite and your love story is striking and remarkable


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