“My Name brought some good luck to Nigeria” – President Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan said yesterday Saturday May 25th that his first name (Goodluck) has brought some good luck to Nigeria. While granting an interview yesterday, the president said:
Traditional societies attach some values to names. That is why people select good names for their children. In the scriptures sometimes, when God sends you on some special assignment, He could even direct, ‘change the name of this child from this to that. But the name in itself does not make much difference because even from my village, there is one of my peers that also answers Goodluck.  Another one that is a little older than me answers Lucky from my small village and I didn’t see the good luck and lucky in them.
In terms of bringing my name to bear in Nigerian affairs, within this period, we have our challenges. Of course, you are aware that we have our security challenges. But in spite of the security challenges, the country is moving on. I will say yes, it (his name) brought some good luck to the country.”




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3 Responses to "“My Name brought some good luck to Nigeria” – President Goodluck Jonathan"

  1. bamidele says:

    What luck? Infact his regime is the worse ever in this country. He should stop wishing himself good luck because nothing good as come out of his name.

  2. Georgia's Blog says:

    “My Name brought some good luck to Nigeria” – President Goodluck Jonathan – Gist Us Georgia’s Blog


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