Introducing MI Abaga’s New Ride, Bentley Continental GT

MI is not messing about anymore. Nigerian top rapper MI Abaga got himself a new love, Bentley Continental GT, the sleek beast. MI shared a couple of pictures of his baby with us but we will take you through the Bentley Continental GT piece by piece.

The Continental GT

Throughout history There have been great moments when the automobile industry have been given a new definition by Bentley, the German-owned British automobile manufacturers.

Bentley always has had a fascination with Grand Touring. The Continental GT is a refined version of the 1950’s Bentley Continental. It was launched at the start of the 21st Century and it’s a stunning coupe that blends classic classic Bentley DNA with contemporary design and modern technology.


The coupé’s wide, low-sprung appearance is more than just for the sleek looks. Its width means it sits aggressively low to the road. This ‘planted’ appearance makes it’s not just hunkered down ready for action, but in motion it is incredibly stable at all speeds, in all circumstances.

It possesses State-of-the-art suspension, including Intelligent Continuous Damping Control which constantly monitors the car’s attitude and poise. This enables a cool bouncy ride when the speed is low, but as it increases, your control also increases.

the Continental GT benefits from one of the world’s most advanced all-wheel-drive systems, ensuring that all the power the 12-cylinder engine generates is utilized. Its ability to accelerate under a wave of torque at any speed, in all weather conditions is unparalleled.

All-wheel drive is not simply about delivering superb traction for higher performance, it also ensures greater safety in all weather conditions. The advanced system can instantaneously adjust the power split between the front and rear wheels depending on the available grip. In addition, the updated Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system operates alongside the all-wheel drive system to deliver superb reassurance whatever your driving style.


The technology system – designed specifically by Bentley – uses a combination of touchscreen controls and classic knurled rotary switches to offer instant usability and crystal-clear feedback. The 8-inch touchscreen possesses the latest navigation technology, and places the car’s audio system, telephone and comfort settings at your fingertips.

The infotainment system provides the ultimate in audio sound systems. Created exclusively for the Continental GT by British audio specialists Naim, it offers an industry first, the latest Balanced Mode Radiator speakers and Dirac Dimensions™ digital processing that ‘virtually’ alters the position of loudspeakers to transform the car’s cabin into an auditorium.

Exterior Appearance
The Continental GT profile is as characteristic as ever. The classic, imposing matrix radiator grille, has an even stronger feel. The headlights are designed to incorporate a beautiful jewelry effect. And at the rear, distinctive wraparound lights – seamlessly integrated into the haunches of the car – are distinguished by their signature ‘floating’ LED lamps.

Meanwhile, the boot lid introduces the powerful ‘double horse-shoe’ motif while flared elliptical exhaust tailpipes drive home the Continental GT’s sporting credentials.

The Price

M.I’s new ride, cost him about £176,385 approximately N42.1 million. Now you can scream.



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    waooo mi baba am gana be lyk u somday am feelin Epic


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