Sad News: Crane Operator, Moses Okwudili Killed on Elvis Chuks’ Movie Set

A very unfortunate news of a 29 year old crane operator Moses Okwudili (pictured in black operating the crane) who died yesterday evening Monday June 3rd on the set of Elvis Chuks movie, Hustlers. The crane operator was electrocuted when the crane he was operating made contact with high tension wires.

Witnesses at the site said Moses was looking at the monitor when the crane made contact with a naked wire. He was electrocuted on the spot. The incident happened a few minutes after these photos were taken.

People around him gave him CPR before rushing him to a nearby hospital where he died. The movie director, Elvis Chuks, was standing right beside him checking out monitors when the sad incident occurred. They were shooting a scene with Nse Ikpe Etim Clifford when Moses was electrocuted.

Moses Okwudili dies Moses Okwudili

The movie shoot has been suspended temporarily as they mourn Moses’ passing. RIP, Moses.



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  1. Esther Etim says:

    RIP, SO SAD…


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