“Shh…..Don’t talk like you know her” – Peter Okoye defends Lola Omotayo

It takes a lot for a man to defend a woman in public. Peter Okoye is a man defending his love for the woman you stood up for him when he had nothing. Read his tweet


Peter Okoye defends Lola Omotayo



Peter Okoye defends Lola Omotayo 3 Peter Okoye defends Lola Omotayo 2



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5 Responses to "“Shh…..Don’t talk like you know her” – Peter Okoye defends Lola Omotayo"

  1. Lynda says:

    Peter okoye

  2. JOYCE says:

    I want to ask Peter a question. what is really holding you for not taking your wife Lola to the alter sine you claim to love her?

  3. paolo da vinci says:

    u are the man pedro

  4. Anonymous says:

    Pls my advice to all ladies pls we should always
    try and build a home not tearing it apart.Mrs Lola Okoye I may not hv seen u or know d kind of person u are but I believe we all are unique, & deep inside of you,you know what is rite & wrong so pls whatever it may be a vitreous woman & try to fix back d good relationship dat dis brothers hv build for years.For it will not be good to hear dat it was cos of a woman dat they separated. I know u can fix d misunderstanding please do believe me u will find peace& joy inside of you when u do something honourable.I pray u read dis & do d rite tin tank u.


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