IK Osakioduwa tweets support for his wife after Twitter drama

IK Osakioduwa’s wife – Olo spoke up for her man after some people decided to ask some rather personal questions. Here are some of the tweets from the bashing on Twitter

Ik & Olo Osakioduwa1 Ik & Olo Osakioduwa2 Ik & Olo Osakioduwa3 Ik & Olo Osakioduwa4 Ik & Olo Osakioduwa5 Ik & Olo Osakioduwa

Well, after all the drama. Here’s what IK posted on Twitter earlier today.

IK Osakioduwa



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One Response to "IK Osakioduwa tweets support for his wife after Twitter drama"

  1. Kany says:

    There’s a lot of joblessness in Nigeria. People can’t just mind their business.


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