Tonto Dikeh falls on stage at Iyanya’s Kukere concert

Some claim she was drunk, we don’t know. But all we know is Tonto Dikeh fell and its not new many other artistes have fallen during their stage performances before (Beyonce, Alicia Keys, etc). #Shit happens. My only question though is why wear an evening dress to perform a dance track on stage. See pictures below;

Tonto Dikeh Fall Kukere concert2 Tonto Dikeh Fall Kukere concert1 Tonto Dikeh Fall Kukere concert

The fall happened @ 3:55

Ok, maybe she had a few glasses to drink. Here’s her response



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3 Responses to "Tonto Dikeh falls on stage at Iyanya’s Kukere concert"

  1. Dr omoha emma says:

    she has not started falling on stage untill she accept jesus christ as her personal lord and her saviour,luminatee doesen’t save is only that man who used his expensive blood to save mankid (jesus christ).i cover this message with the blood of jesus

  2. CEO.lewperfect says:

    “Ha,ladies dis 1 of dere problem,av u ever had a man fall?.ladies whn u wore cloth dat look likes net. To catch fish,shoes like ostrich,hw u pple will nt fall,dis nt a stage fright!,dat led to her fall,is nt 2day she’s on stage,is her hobby!,or if dey re taking sum,dey should stop embarrassed dem self.

  3. olorunnadoesther says:

    i dnt really undastand wat her problem is bt d only tin i no is dat one day she wil surely regret everytin,luminated is ony wastin der life nd ntin more,tontoh has no work dat is y she is goin on stage,rubbish she luk jst lik a mad woman nd i wonder y ladies wil kip spoilin our image


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