Mercy Johnson ready for Baby Number 2

Despite her work that thrusts her in the public eye constantly, making her one of Nollywood’s most sought after celebrities, Mercy Johnson still lives by simple values of humility and hard work.

We chatted to her about her recent AMVCA win, her family life and work life.

We haven’t heard from you since you’ve had a baby, how is motherhood treating you?
Motherhood is great, it’s so magical and special. Taking care of my child and spending time with her is inexplicable and fun.

Any plans to have any more children in the future?
Yes of course, once Purity is a year old, labour room here I come again.

Congrats on the AMVCA win, what has that achievement done for your career?
Winning the AMVCA was a huge one for me, it took my career to another level in every ramification. It’s one of the best things to happen to me in 2013 and am so honoured.

Does winning mean anything to you personally?
Yes, winning means a lot to me. It’s not about being competitive but about being acknowledged in my field as passing a message across either through entertaining or educating my audience and fans.

Tell us a bit about your career, are you where you want to be or do you still feel you need to put in some more work?
I feel I need to put in some more work, the sky is always the starting point for me not the limit. I have to do big budget movies for the cinema, train myself artistically and get to the next level.

What was your favourite movie to shoot?
All my movies are my favorites since they are different stories with different messages. Honestly, I can’t pick one, because I would hate to offend any of my producers or directors.

Who are some of the great Nollywood faces do you admire?
Majid Michel, Gennevive Nnaji are my best in the world any day, anytime.

You’ve been abroad for a while, do you have any plans to take over Hollywood?
I don’t live abroad, I’m a Nigerian based in Naija. I only went to the US to have my baby.

There’s a rumour that you have a reality show coming up, is it true?
I love the Hollywood dream too but I hope and wish we could bring Hollywood home to  Nigeria but, there’s no reality show for me unless Africa Magic is offering me one.

My husband certainly won’t buy into it because he is too private. So what’s a reality show about Mercy Johnson Okojie going to be like without him?

Tell us a bit about who Mercy is when she’s not on our screens?
I am just a girl next door, actually, woman next door. I’m calm, humble, hard working and positive about everything life has to offer.

Any last words that you wanna share with your fans?
Some people are so afraid to be themselves for fear of being judged. Always stand proud for what you believe in. Thanks to all my fans for the love.

Credit: Africa Magic



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  1. rac says:

    Oh girl how u dey do am please come and live with me in abuja

  2. I love her so much....."BABY OKU" shine on my lady says:
  3. Kimson says:

    Thanxs for ur hard work greeting to my little one


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