Annie Macaulay Idibia gets blasted on Facebook

Na wa for Nigerian fans. If you no post… wahala. If you too post… kasala. Annie Idibia got lashed by fans yesterday after she posted this picture of Isabella Idibia with a phone on Facebook followed by the status update.

Annie Idibia daughter phone1Annie Idibia daughter phoneAnnie Idibia daughter phone comment2 Annie Idibia daughter phone comment3 Annie Idibia daughter phone comments Annie Idibia daughter phone comment4 Annie Idibia daughter phone comment1

Some fans on the other end got jealous, angry, infuriated or envious by the show-off. The comments below is the result.

What’s your take on the matter? Is Annie posting too much.



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6 Responses to "Annie Macaulay Idibia gets blasted on Facebook"

  1. mi vida loca says:

    Hey!!ya’all shuld giv ha a break…..I hate fake pple….youz be actin lyk u dnt show off..#annie shows off wit ha kid#none of ur damn biznez

  2. Akinkoulie Raphael Temitope a.k.a MR. NADAL says:

    Not @ all. She’s free to post whatever she likes. How does that affect anybody?

  3. bamidele says:

    Nigerian fans. Wetin b ur biz if she post? No b ha life. There is freedom of anything u wat to do in this world. Abeg free the woman and let ha enjoy ha life. Busybodies

  4. Anonymous says:

    She z a star n so?everyone has to liv a normal life n I fink shez jst living it,learn to mind ur biz n dnt mbarass pp on social netwrks,u can b dt star tomao u know!annie,liv ur life,uv got jst one jor


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