Celebrity Photos: ‘Shameful Deceit’ London Premiere

The premiere of the movie, Shameful Deceit, took place on July 5, at the Odeon Cinema, Greenwich. The premiere was attended by cast and crew of the movie, as well as members of the public.

Shameful Deceit was produced by Theodora Ibekwe, and directed by Ruke Amata. It stars Theodora Ibekwe, Lanre Balogun, Maria Gomez, Fatima Jabbe, and Yvonne Hays, among others. Continue for more …

Shameful Deceit tells the story of Elizabeth (Theodora Ibekwe) who has to deal with her philandering husband, Simon (Lanre Balogun). Elizabeth, a strong marriage advocate is torn between her belief and the devastating pain of betrayal.




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