Stella Damasus Spits Fire Against Nigerian Senators!

Nigerian movie star and singer Stella Damasus expresses her anger over the issue of under-aged marriage being discussed in the Nigerian senate. She directs her video to Senator Yarima, a man who she believes has no right as a leader but instead should be serving a jail sentence.

She calls out the First Lady of Nigeria, Patience Jonathan to act like a mother and an intelligent woman by standing up for women and young girls in Nigeria. She also accused the First Lady of poking her nose in irrelevant things that do not demand the attention of a First Lady.

I have always prayed for Nigeria to live up to the name Giant of Africa, but when things like this happen I wonder if that day will ever come. The bottom line is that people in power do not want Nigeria to be better because if it becomes better, they have no place to steal money from.

We are ready to scream discrimination when the white man calls us derogatory names and when they make derogatory comments but yet we continue to live our lives like barbarians. The painful thing is a lot of Nigerians are making the country proud, holding high positions in big companies, as entrepreneur and employees alike, but the ignorant minority who can’t seem to think beyond their waist try to rubbish the good works.

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3 Responses to "Stella Damasus Spits Fire Against Nigerian Senators!"

  1. Elijah says:

    speak my sister for the voiceless over that are the great amoung the woman.

  2. Ejokpaoghene Alex.o says:

    Nigeria is a good country being blessed wit natural resourcess and differ gift 4rm God,but our leaders they are corructed 2 d called,even d constitution of dis country is met 4 d lower class not d uper class,Nigeria remain fail due 2 our bad leaders,is only God can help d lower class.

  3. Phillip Kientimi Owi says:

    I can’t comment, I bet President Jonathan and his wife know me or know someone that is close to me. Can’t touch this!.


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