ZEN MAGAZINE AFRICA: Ethiopian Designer Mafi’s Last Resort Collection(Photos)

Zen Magazine share with us its fashion editorial for this week – a showcase of Ethiopian designer, MAFI’S COLLECTION.  BRIGHT STRIPES in Blue, Dark Yellow AND WHITE – perfect for beachside sexiness and upping the ante on casual outfits.
Editor’s Words: Ethiopian designer MAFI takes us through her latest collection “The Last Resort” filled with eye catching colours, beautiful designs and brilliant fabrics.
Zen-Magazine-AfricaMafi 17 Zen-Magazine-AfricaMafi 1 Zen-Magazine-AfricaMafi 2 Zen-Magazine-AfricaMafi 3 Zen-Magazine-AfricaMafi 4 Zen-Magazine-AfricaMafi 5 Zen-Magazine-AfricaMafi 6 Zen-Magazine-AfricaMafi 7 Zen-Magazine-AfricaMafi 8 Zen-Magazine-AfricaMafi 9 Zen-Magazine-AfricaMafi 10 Zen-Magazine-AfricaMafi 11 Zen-Magazine-AfricaMafi 12 Zen-Magazine-AfricaMafi 13 Zen-Magazine-AfricaMafi 14 Zen-Magazine-AfricaMafi 15 Zen-Magazine-AfricaMafi 16



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2 Responses to "ZEN MAGAZINE AFRICA: Ethiopian Designer Mafi’s Last Resort Collection(Photos)"

  1. chy8 says:

    This is so cool..I’m loving this designer. Can I get your contact


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