Watch the first full-length trailer of new movie ‘Diana’

A new, full-length trailer for the forthcoming Princess Diana biopic ‘Diana’ has been released. It features the most footage seen so far of Naomi Watts playing the late Princess of Wales. It also features our first proper look at British actor Naveen Andrews (of ‘Lost’ fame) as the surgeon Dr. Hasnat Kahn, with whom she had an affair. But while there has been arguably misguided Oscar ‘buzz’ from the US around the movie, it appears to be pretty saccharine sweet by this evidence.

Despite direction from Oliver Hirschbiegel, who helmed the stunning, hard-hitting drama ‘Downfall’, corny dialogue appears to prevail. Watts has previously said: “Playing Princess Diana was the hardest thing I’ve done. I wanted to try to embody her and get the essence of her.”

Whether the film nails the story when it features lines like ‘You’re so good at giving love. The hard part is receiving love’, remains to be seen. It’s due out in the UK on September 20.



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