“My Husband is the Definition of True Love” – Nse Ikpe-Etim

Nollywood star Nse Ikpe-Etim, who recently tied the knot with Clifford Sule, spoke to Sun News about her career, life as a married woman and her emotional roles. When asked what’s the definition of true love, Nse gushed

It’s my husband. Being able to be yourself when you’re with someone, without the fear of judgement. It is the comfort that comes from knowing that someone out there is thinking of you and cares deeply for you.

Excerpts from the interview;

On Marrying her first love – It’s the best and most rewarding feeling I’ve ever felt. It feels like I’ve come full circle. I am thankful.

On if she was lucky to be married – How many times have I mentioned God so far? Pardon me but I’ll also have to give Him credit for this. We are together because God has willed it to be so. I don’t think it’s due to sheer luck. A little bit maybe, but definitely a lot of God.

On what she misses most about spinsterhood – Absolutely nothing, believe it or not but when I compare the two, there is nothing to miss. Being married means I no longer have to deal with life’s challenges on my own and I always have someone to share my happy moments with.

On coping as a wife and actress – I take it one day at a time. I know where my priorities lie and I make sure that I stay true to them.

On her personal style -What I wear depends on the occasion and my role at the event. Otherwise, my style is somewhere between a tomboy and a Disney princess.

On which designer’s muse she will like to be -I love Elie Saab. His dresses are so effortlessly chic. I also like to wear Wanger Ayu’s clothes. She gets my personal style every time.

On Regrets – Regrets are a waste of time. Everything that has happened to me so far has led me to this point. Good, bad, difficult or pleasant. I would not be Nse if my past were to miraculously get altered. So no, I have no regrets.

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  1. sam okoh says:

    God will help u keep ur marriage, and he will not stop loving u, u two will always live in peace


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