Fans respond to Wizkid’s comments about ‘Broke People’ on Instagram

Nothing much to write, see the screenshots below;

Wizkid Broke

Fans react

Wizkid Broke tweet1 Wizkid Broke tweet2 Wizkid Broke tweet3 Wizkid Broke tweet4

Wizkid’s response




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14 Responses to "Fans respond to Wizkid’s comments about ‘Broke People’ on Instagram"

  1. KUNLE says:

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  2. chidera says:

    Truly @wizy u don’t go abt insultn ur fans,I love u and ur muzik bt insultn me wud only sore it try to b a star dt u r…fans pls sury on his bhalf…

  3. nass says:

    you ppl shuld stop talking about wizkid , is he the only one .. hes a good musician , some fans can be provokin

  4. Wizzy i knw blame u oh, u na STAR BOI, and u giv guyz wat d need, so ah c no reason 4 y d nigga wil insult u says:
  5. Obyamadi says:

    U pple shuld free wizzy,he was on his own wen d nigga attacked him,so stop sayin bad tins abt him,bt wizzy my baby dnt use dt wrd again jst try to avoid pest lik him


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