Movie Review: On Bended Knees

Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha’s ‘On Bended Knees’ is now available on IROKOTV+. You need to subscribe in order to watch it.

Title of the film: On Bended Knees

Lead actors: Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha, Seun Akindele, Chet Anekwe, Francis Onwochei


Plot overview/Synopsis
On Bended Knees is a film about a Pastor Reuben (Seun Akindele) who is fiercely passionate about the things of God and & committed to the church, but this doesn’t go down well with his wife Kemi (Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha) who has to remind him that he’s also a husband as well as a pastor. Temptation comes in form of a dark, handsome boss (Chet Anekwe), who becomes attracted to her. Secrets are opened, hidden pasts are unearthed and Reuben finds himself torn between his love for his wife & his devotion to the church. Who wins this epic battle?
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I really really really really like this movie (How many times did I use the word ‘really). Its about a very common theme in many Nigerian homes. Men & women who replace the love for their wives/husbands, girlfriends/boyfruends, fiancees/fiances with the love of something else. In this movie, Seun Akindele put his love for the things of God and the church above love for his wife. In other homes/relationships, its the love for money, clothes, a hobby,  jobs/careers, friends, someone else, etc that stands in the way.

So for folks out there, men/women ask yourselves, what is that bridge that stands in the way of a happy and successful marriage. A lot of relationships start with lovey dovey tales. Everyone gives the time that the other desires/needs. But a few years down the line, things get complacent. People start to take each other for granted. Once this happens, its hard to get back to the way things were before.

I’d leave you with the quote below. Someone once said;

I will not put my work, my personal conveniences, business or any other thing before you. Whilst God told me to be a good steward with the work He has given me, he never told me to love my work. The only person or thing he tells me to love (apart from Him) is my wife. I will love you and put nothing above you. This is a commitment I promise to uphold and as long as I live, I will not break this promise. I realise that if I put anything above you, it is infidelity. I will do my best, God being my helper to not betray your trust. I know that if I don’t love you completely, there is a big possibility that I will lose favour in the sight of God and God forbid that I lose favour in the sight of the one who has been my source and my anchor from the moment I got to know him.

Every man and woman should own these words and live by them. Life is way too short.




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    i like de way u act keep it up


    u are gud in acting keep it up


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