Gist Us Weddings: Kevin Lucciano-Gabriel & Mariah Mogoli’s white wedding

QuestionMark boss Kevin Lucciano-Gabriel married his sweetheart Mariah Mogoli on Friday August 16th in the UK. The couple are currently in Japan for their honeymoon. Read their story below and see pictures from the event

How Mariah & Kevin Met
We met at a boat party, we were introduced by a friend but didn’t really kick it off then (probably because he was basking in all the attention he was getting from all the girls….lol). When I was leaving he took my number but we didn’t meet up till months later and from then we were inseparable :)

How He Proposed
He proposed in his apartment on boxing day. He had organized a little party at his place for family and friends and I was busy serving people up and down the place (looking a bit crazy I might add) then he started making a toast and the next thing I know he’s saying how special I am and how he knows he will never want to lose me (at this point my heart is racing and at the same time i’m trying to straighten out my hair and look then he goes down on two knees and produces the most beautiful ring (then I stop hearing everything he is saying at this point) so he would have to fill in the rest …

Mariah and Kevin’s Love Story from Zenith Cinematography on Vimeo.

Advice from the loving couple –

Easy to say now but do not over-stress about anything. The day literally FLIES by and all those things you were stressing about becomes a really really tiny minute detail you will probably miss on the day. Just focus on having fun and enjoying your day regardless of anything, because be rest assured not everything will go as planned.


For their traditional wedding, Mariah and Kevin performed their dowry rites, where the bride woreakwa-ocha, literally meaning white (ocha) cloth (akwa) in Igbo – ogwashi-uku traditional cloth from Delta State in the South-South of Nigeria with regal coral beads gracing her neck. The groom also wore white and coral beads, signifying their togetherness. The bride then changed into a gold corset and wrapper, while the groom donned a gold satin long sleeve shirt and wrapper. The adorable couple both changed into blue for the final part of the night, where they danced to live performances including musician K-Cee. The newlyweds celebrated with their family and celebrity friends including radio veteran Olisa Adibua, music producer Cobhams Asuquo, designer Emmy Collins and more.

Kevin Luciano-Gabriel Wedding Pictures8 Kevin Luciano-Gabriel Wedding Pictures7 Kevin Luciano-Gabriel Wedding Pictures6 Kevin Luciano-Gabriel Wedding Pictures5 Kevin Luciano-Gabriel Wedding Pictures4 Kevin Luciano-Gabriel Wedding Pictures1 Kevin Luciano-Gabriel Wedding Pictures2 Kevin Luciano-Gabriel Wedding Pictures3

At the white wedding, the bride was beaming in an elegant up do adorned with a crystal headpiece, she held a calla lily bouquet speckled with sparkling stones. The wedding dress was a mermaid La Sposa gown with impeccable fit – the first dress she tried on, as it made her instantly feel like a bride. She says, “… but I could not just settle for the first dress so I did the mandatory run around all the other shops and tons of dresses but still came back!” The groom was dapper by her side in his petrol blue Tom Ford suit. For the couple’s first dance they swayed to the loving sounds of 2Face singing classic African Queen. The bride then changed into the most gorgeous sequin dress, before the couple giggled and grooved the night away on their first day as man and wife.

Kevin Lucciano-Gabriel & Mariah Mogoli feat Kevin Lucciano-Gabriel & Mariah Mogoli9 Kevin Lucciano-Gabriel & Mariah Mogoli8 Kevin Lucciano-Gabriel & Mariah Mogoli7 Kevin Lucciano-Gabriel & Mariah Mogoli6 Kevin Lucciano-Gabriel & Mariah Mogoli1 Kevin Lucciano-Gabriel & Mariah Mogoli2 Kevin Lucciano-Gabriel & Mariah Mogoli3 Kevin Lucciano-Gabriel & Mariah Mogoli4 Kevin Lucciano-Gabriel & Mariah Mogoli5 Kevin Lucciano-Gabriel & Mariah Mogoli Kevin Lucciano-Gabriel & Mariah Mogoli - 2face Kevin Lucciano-Gabriel & Mariah Mogoli -  Basketmouth Kevin Lucciano-Gabriel & Mariah Mogoli10




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