Kate Middleton makes first public appearance since childbirth

Kate Middleton made her first public post-baby appearance this morning as she joined her husband, Prince William at the start of an ultra-marathon in Anglesey.

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Barely five weeks after she appeared outside hospital with her new baby, Prince George, sporting a noticeable baby bump, the Duchess of Cambridge has managed to sensationally snap back into shape – and is even sporting her pre-pregnancy skinny jeans.

Arriving at her first official engagement since having her son on July 22, Kate looked radiant – without the slightest sign of baby fatigue – in a green tweed hacking jacket, loose geometric-patterned top and a pair of J Brand jeans.


The Duchess revealed that her mother, Carole, – or granny as she called her – had come up to babysit. ‘He’s doing very well. He’s with granny at the moment. He’s sleeping well but I know these things change at a minute’s notice,’ she told fellow mother Sarah Bingham, 38.

Mrs Bingham, from Twickenham, south west London, whose second baby is due in just three weeks time, said: ‘She looked just wonderful. I think it is fantastic she has come here today.’ She also told Lauren Hindcliffe, 11: ‘George has been very good and sleeping well.’

Stacey Blake, 24, had William in stitches when she handed him a bag of wet-wipes, ‘We are getting through a lot of these I can tell you,’ he laughed. ‘But we could always do with some more.’ Miss Blake from Holyhead said: ‘They seem down to earth, you know. I thought they might find it fun.’

The prince himself had the crowds laughing when a baby cried loudly as he walked past. ‘We’re hearing a bit of that at the moment,’ he joked as he cupped his hand to his ear. His wife added; ‘He (George) is sleeping at the moment for now – fingers’ crossed!’

At one point the Duchess seemed rather thrown when she encountered George Bailey, nine, from Manchester who had been cycling in the area with his family while on holiday. As she bent down to chat, George told her matter of factly: ‘I don’t see the point of a royal family.’ ‘Oh, well, oh’ Kate stuttered. Fortunately he then added: ‘Until today.’

Source: Daily Mail



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