Nigerian Conjoined Twins Separated In A Rare Surgery By Indian Doctors

A great break through as Nigerian conjoined twins, Hussaina and Hassana Badaru,  survived a successful separation surgery which involved a group of Doctors in India. The rare surgery was performed to separate the one-year-olds who were joined at their sacrum region and hips; an extremely rare deformity 15 percent of all conjoined twins suffer from.

The team of 40 doctors performed a grueling 13-hour surgery in New Delhi on August 12 to separate the girls. The extensive team consisted of a series of specialists, including a pediatric surgeon, neurosurgeon, plastic surgeon, pediatric critical care specialist, urologist, anesthetist, radiologists, spine surgeon, and hematologist.

The Badaru  twins were joined from their lower back portion, and shared a single spinal cord, lower intestinal tract and their genitals. They needed the separation of a circumference of 44 centimeters, according to doctors.

Nigerian Twins - Badaru

The initial operation was followed up with a further five hours of plastic surgery to replace skin tissue. Both girls are currently stable and have shown no signs of any neurological side effects, doctors say.

“The girls for almost 10 months had remained like this. So the spine has to some extent got deformed. The body metabolism and the body posture is looking outwards. We expect, as they are growing children and they are growing normally, they will probably make lot of self correction by themselves. But maybe at later stage they may require some correction surgery for deformity, maybe,” said Prashant Jain, the chief surgeon for the operation.

Hospital’s Chief Executive Officer Praneet Kumar said the twins may need corrective surgery in the future.

Badariyya Badaru, the mother of the twins, appeared happy as she thanked the medical team.

“We are really grateful to Indian doctors. Thank you, thank you, thank you,” said Badaru.

The family, who have been staying in India for the past two months, are set to travel back to Nigeria in next couple of days. The two girls were born in Kano on August 20, 2012 and celebrated their first birthday in India with the team of specialists.

Doctors in Kano had earlier warned the family that one of the twins would not survive such an operation.

A pair of conjoined twins is born in 50,000 to 100,000 births. The incidence of conjoined twins is high in south west Asia and Africa. The incidence in Nigeria is very high at 53 per 1,000 deliveries.



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