Maltina Dance All Season Seven: ‘Old Skool’ Eviction

The number one family dance TV show in Nigeria, Maltina Dance All is taking dancing to another level this season. After the first dance performance where families showed different dance styles from the 60s-70s, they have taken it a notch higher with dance styles from the 80s-90s. The families thus performed different and popular songs from the 80s and 90s.

The show opened with the Ibrahim family who choreographed to the 1980s song, Felicidad by Boney M; they were followed by the Ikumoinien family who performed the 1981 song, She’s a bad Mamma Jamma by Carl Carlton; Clement family danced to the 1982 song, A Night to Remember by Shalamar; Asiyefia family to the 1983 song, Beat It by Michael Jackson. The Ebute family showed what it means to be a Part Time Lover by dancing to Stevie Wonder 1985 hit song.  The Enweribe family danced to the 1990 song, Ice Ice Baby by Vanila Ice; Ebenezer family to the 1990 song, Poison by Bel Biv Devoe; Dosa family to the 1992 song, It’s My Life by Dr Alban; Briggs family to the 1994 song, Hot Stepper by Ini Kamoze while the Ekado performed the 1998 song, Too Legit by MC Hammer.

With the families captivating and stunning moves, the judges had a difficult time picking any family to join the Clement and Dosa families already up for possible eviction from the 60s-70s dance performance. However, the Asiyefia and Ebute families were put up for possible eviction.
Meanwhile, at the end of the first eviction showdown, the Dosa and Clement families were evicted from the Maltina Dance All Academy. The judges were not convinced that they had what it takes to continue the evolution journey to the grand finale. The Asiyefia and Ebute families were however strictly warned to further brush up their choreography moves and styles to avoid being put up for possible eviction again.
The Dosa and Clement families were crushed that their dreams were brought to an end so early in the competition. They were however grateful to Maltina for the experience and promised to continue their dreams of dancing.
Mrs Ngozi Nkwoji, Senior Brand Manager, Maltina said the show is all about the emotions, excitement, fun and the unbreakable bond that the families will showcase throughout the Academy. She added that this year, Maltina is doing something different by taking Nigerians back to songs and dance styles from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and to this present age. “The idea is to show Nigerians that dance has come a long way and is very much appreciated in the Academy. The evolution will take Nigerians through time to songs most of our young people have probably not heard and most of our parents will nod their heads to while reminiscing on those good old days”.
The winning family will go home with the grand prize of a whooping sum of N6 million and of course, a brand new car. The first and second runners up will also get N1 million and N500, 000 respectively. The show will bring to the fore, the Nigerian people’s essence and values of sharing, happiness unity, cooperation, vitality and creativity.
As the grand finale approaches, Nigerians can win invites to watch the live show taking place at Eko Hotel and Suite Lagos on September 21 by answering questions on the Maltina Twitter handle (@Maltina) and Facebook Page



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2 Responses to "Maltina Dance All Season Seven: ‘Old Skool’ Eviction"

  1. Kenny Treaz Ijeomah says:

    Can we also watch this seasons show on youtube?i needed to watch every bite of this show on youtude when i can't watch it at the same time on TV due to my location..thanks..

  2. Kenny Treaz Ijeomah says:

    Can we also watch this seasons show on youtube?i needed to watch every bite of this show on youtub
    e when i can't watch it at the same time on TV due to my location..thanks..


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