Miley Cyrus Half Naked In Las Vegas

What is going on? Ok! we get the message, Miley can twerk, her tongue’s long enough to stick out, she can’t keep a man and she likes to go around naked.  This defines the saying ‘Jack of all trades, master of none'; her twerking isn’t magnificent, her desperate attempt in sex appeal isn’t appealing and in all that assumed sexiness, she can’t keep a man. Have I missed anything?

The “We Can’t Stop” singer took over the stage at the Las Vegas for the iHeart Radio Music Festival on Saturday, where she twerked with a group of little people backup dancers, frolicked around, and even started to tear up while performing her breakup anthem, “Wrecking Ball.”

The 20-year old singer was not one to be brought down so easily, as she sauntered and changed into a different outfit after her first performance- totally white see-through fishnet with black nipple coverings with furry armsClearly the girl is swimming in her own hype of being the hottest girl in 2013 as voted by Maxim magazine – sure they are eating their words now.  

In her 2nd performance for the festival, she held a banana prop as a microphone holder – what message could she have been sending to Liam maybe – LOL – pictures below. – partly 360nobs

What do you think? Sexy or disgusting!




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