Husband Scarcity in Zamfara, Over 8000 Women Protest

Nah Wah!  More than 8,000 single women stormed the streets of Zamfara state in protest, demanding that the Zamfara government assist them in their hunt for husbands.

The protesters led by Hajiya Suwaiba Isa, Chairperson of the  Zamfara Widows Association and Alhaji Sa’idu Goshe made it clear that the women need a bread winner when they stated:

“Many of us cannot afford two meals in a day because there are no men to support us”.

The patron,  Alhaji Sa’idu Goshe confirmed that the association had over 8,000 women, made up of 5,380 divorcees, 2,200 widows, 1,200 orphans and 80 others, whom he said, were looking for men to marry.He went ahead to state that the women need assistance to purchase household items such as beds, mattresses and other basic necessities needed to move to their husbands’ houses.

Goshe appealed to the commission to assist the association in screening suitors for the women. He said the screening would determine the suitors’ health status, source of livelihood and ability to maintain a family.

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28 Responses to "Husband Scarcity in Zamfara, Over 8000 Women Protest"

  1. ngee says:

    This is serious! So it has gotten to an extent that women cry out due to lack of men. Is it written that any woman without men is a crime. Please Zamfara women go and find something reasonable to do than relying on men for survival.

  2. Johnny Tanyi says:

    no bi soo?

  3. Winsprince says:

    This ȋ̝̊̅ڪ very bad

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. CHARLES says:

    Very interesting

  6. Mimi says:

    woman are alwayz fight for gender equality……….but in real sense they dont means that

  7. Chris mwai says:

    Why are most of them divorced,and why these divorced women need husbands….???%%%## think thrice


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