Waconzy launches his zero tolerance malaria campaign

Singer Waconzy recently launched the Waconzy VS Malaria Zero Tolerance Campaign through his Silver Spoon Foundation, primarily aimed at fighting the menace of malaria in Nigeria. Waconzy’s malaria campaign is primarily aimed at educating the masses on how they can avoid malaria by basic environmental hygiene and the use of treated mosquito nets.

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This project was specifically designed for the pregnant women and nursing mothers since they are the most vulnerable to the deadly disease. After a short speech by Waconzy on how to become an agent of positive change in your community, Waconzy then donated a large number of treated mosquito nets to the participants and encouraged the women to live up of their role as agents of change in the society. He also urged them to help educate others. 

Waconzy malaria tweet1 Waconzy malaria tweet



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