Nigerian blogger to guest edit BBC’s Focus on Africa

To mark 80 years of international broadcasting, the BBC World Service is hosting a day of live programming today. Sean Jacobs will be guest editing the program, looking at the role social media has played in news reporting and will be joined by blogger Tomi Oladepo.

During the 5-6pm time slot (that’s 5-6pm GMT; 12-1pm EST) Focus on Africa will take a look at “the creative energy and entrepreneurship coming out of Africa.” Some topics up for discussion are: Whether the world still needs an international broadcaster; What is the role of the BBC?; What are the stories the BBC should cover, and the voices you should hear?; What values and ideas do we all share, and are these the same as our audience?


To listen in, search for BBC World Service Africa and find the link to Focus on Africa @5pm (uk time) or follow this link

To follow and participate in the discussion on Twitter, visit @BBCAfrica, @BBCAfricaHYS, @bbcworldservice and @AfricasaCountry.
Talking to the bloggers guest editing Focus on Africa P1 (mp3)

P2 – Tomi & Shaun tell me why they blog (mp3)

Tomi’s blog, Diary of a Media Junkie analyses media issues (print, broadcast and online) and hopes to break down media issues to everyone in a manner you would find interesting and educative. (




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    This is amazing. Proud of u girl


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