Michelle Obama reveals she regrets wearing shorts on Air Force One

When asked what her biggest fashion regret was during an interview with BET’s “106 and Park” this week, US First Lady Michelle Obama said the shorts (pictured below) which she wore as she exited  Air Force One with her daughters during a family vacation in Arizona was her biggest fashion regret.

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Malia Obama, Sasha Obama michelle obama shorts

Mrs Obama said she regretted wearing it back in 2009 because of the backlash she received from people who felt it was inappropriate for a First Lady to dress like that. She told BET,

“Because people were like, ‘she’s wearing shorts getting off of Air Force One. Sometimes I forget I’m the first lady and I’m running around in shorts.”

Michelle said she won’t wear shorts on Air Force One or out in public again.

I don’t see what’s wrong with wearing shorts on holiday… it’s not like she wore them on an official visit. People should get a life abeg and allow these popular people live…



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One Response to "Michelle Obama reveals she regrets wearing shorts on Air Force One"

  1. shugakay says:

    Dat was wrong to wore in a state u re a first lady


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