GistUs Weddings: Martins Efe weds Augusta Duru

Beautiful Augusta Emmanuel Duru is set to marry the love of her life, ambassador Martins O. Efe. Augusta tells how they met and how he proposed.

How we met:

We met in April 2009, I left school (igbinedion university) with my friends to go for a swim at choice gate hotel and there he was with a group of friends chilling. Immediately he sees me, he starts saying that he has seen his wife and how he is in love with my eyes. I paid no heed to him as I felt it was the usual words of a guy trying to woo a lady. We got talking and that birthed our relationship and the rest as they say is history.

How he proposed

Martins was to travel to SA for a project, I traveled with him to Abuja to bid him farewell, the night prior to his trip we were in the room chilling. He opens a website and asks me to make my choice, I look at it and it was wedding bands and engagement rings. I laugh at him thinking it’s his usual jokes but still went ahead to make a choice, I look up and there he was on one knee asking me to marry him. I screamed so loud that the porters had to knock on my hotel door, I said yes I wld marry u, my ring was ordered and paid for immediately. 2 weeks later my ring was delivered to my doorstep.

See pictures from their pre-wedding photoshoot below

Martins Efe and Augusta Duru13 Martins Efe and Augusta Duru Martins Efe and Augusta Duru1 Martins Efe and Augusta Duru2 Martins Efe and Augusta Duru3 Martins Efe and Augusta Duru4 Martins Efe and Augusta Duru5 Martins Efe and Augusta Duru6 Martins Efe and Augusta Duru7 Martins Efe and Augusta Duru8 Martins Efe and Augusta Duru9 Martins Efe and Augusta Duru10 Martins Efe and Augusta Duru11 Martins Efe and Augusta Duru12

Photographer: Attitude picture
Make up artist:Make up by belle bedazzeled
Styled by Swiss collection



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