Kim Kardashian rocks gladiator heels & Kanye West recycles last month’s birthday outfit

Kim Kardashian is joining her fiance Kanye West at over 20 concerts on his Yeezus tour, so it’s a good thing she can afford an extensive wardrobe. And the reality star pulled out a winner on Saturday night, knocking Xena out of the park as she channeled a warrior princess when she and her rapper beau left their New York City apartment to high-tail it to Madison Square Garden.

But while the 33-year-old new mother showed off her toned physique in an incredibly tiny  dress, Kanye played it safe by wearing the exact same outfit he wore to his fiancee’s Las Vegas birthday bash last month. Kim has been working hard to sculpt her impressive post-baby figure, so she rightfully showed it all off in the very skimpy black suede dress.

Kim Kardashian Gladiator sandals Kim Kardashian Gladiator sandals Kanye West4 Kim Kardashian Gladiator sandals Kanye West3 Kim Kardashian Gladiator sandals Kanye West2 Kim Kardashian Gladiator sandals Kanye West1 Kim Kardashian Gladiator sandals Kanye West Kim Kardashian Gladiator sandals1

The extremely tight number also happened to be extremely short, with the fabric coming all the way up to the very top of her thigh and doing an excellent job of showing off her particularly toned pins.

The long-sleeved garment featured squared shoulders and a high neckline, whilst a thick layer of suede tassels decorated the back of the dress almost like a cape.

Source: Daily Mail



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