Read Empress Njamah’s response to ex-boyfriend Timaya’s negative comments

Last week, Timaya made some negative comments about his relationship with ex – Empress Njamah. Read it HERE if you missed it.

Well, Empress responded to her ex-boyfriend’s comments. Read the report below according to Punch

Empress Njamah has bluntly refused to react to her former boyfriend, Timaya, referring to their relationship as an ‘ugly episode’.

In a recent interview, the self styled Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa reportedly said, “You should not date somebody who already has a negative record. In my own case, it affected me at that time.”

Speaking to Saturday Beats on the phone recently, Empress said she wasn’t ready to talk about Timaya or his views about their relationship.

“People who are mature can depict what is true and what is not. I am not ready to say anything.” Empress claimed the comment didn’t in any way, bother her.

“Why would it bother me? It is one thing to be hurt over such statement and another thing to be disappointed. I wasn’t hurt and I wasn’t even disappointed. Worst things have been said and written about me but the people who know who I am would tell the difference.”

Empress said she was more interested in what is happening in her life at the moment rather than talk about “what doesn’t make sense”.

“I am more involved with my birthday and celebrating it with the orphans and the less privileged. I am better off talking about this than to talk about what is not important. I am too busy making money. People who know you will always know how positive you have affected their lives. I am surrounded by so many people who have shown me love so there is no reason for me to be pained,” she said.

Source: Punch



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