GistUs Movie Reviews: Top Nollywood Movies Of 2013

We present to you in no particular order The Top 10 Nollywood Movies Of 2013. (Limited to Online releases Only). All movies listed below are available on IROKOTV+ except ‘The Meeting’ (available on Distrify).

Unforgivable (Ainidariji)

Unforgivable - Ainidariji Nollywood Movie


A handsome university boy gets so obsessed over a young undergraduate female student, however lacks the courage to approach her, he gets disappointed when his roommate takes over.

  • Starring – Desmond Elliot, Mike Ezuruonye, Dayo Amusa.
  • Directed by Desmond Elliot.
  • Language – English/Yoruba

I’m not sure why exactly I was so excited about this movie. Its definitely got to be one of two reasons – the fact that Mike Ezurounye was not playing the usual ‘village champion’ role or that it was a cross-over of English-Yoruba actors. Before now, there has always been a silent divide between Nollywood (English speaking actors and actresses) and their colleagues who featured more in indigenous movies. Good to see a good blend of both worlds. This movie is definitely worth your time. 

The Meeting

The Meeting


On a Monday morning, MAKINDE ESHO, an uptight corporate executive based in Lagos, Nigeria, flies into Abuja, the capital city for a few hours, having been despatched by his communications firm, TECHMAST, to secure a government authorization to build a mast sub-station from the Honourable Minster of Land Resources & Environment. There is a lot riding on this government authorization, as it will save his firm from imminent liquidation, and the Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). Mr. Esho wants only two things, keep his BOSS happy by getting the authorization from the Minister and keep his only daughter KIKELOMO happy by attending her graduation ceremony at the University of Lagos. Two very simple tasks for a professional like Mr. Makinde Esho – Watch and see what doing business in Abuja can do to you.

Rita Dominic slayed this one. Very simple story line, original, and funny. I won’t spoil it for you but make sure you watch it.

Finding Mercy



A pair of thugs break into what they believe to be an empty house and get more than they bargain for when they are confronted by a heavily pregnant woman who is about to go into labour.

  • Starring – Blossom Chukwujekwu, Uti Nwachukwu, Rita Dominic.
  • Directed by Desmond Elliot

This movie was actually one of the best movies I saw last year. Uti has definitely stepped up his game. Watch other movies he has featured in and you’d see what I’m on about. Some of the actors could have done better though but on the whole, a very good movie and definitely worth your time. 

The Awakening

The Awakening


A young man’s life is dramatically altered after a series of prophetic dreams. With the help of an ambitious journalist, the truth behind his dreams and her past is uncovered.

  • Starring – OC Ukeje, Kehinde Bankole, Femi Brainard.
  • Directed by James Omokwe & Ethan Okwara.

We did some major PR for this movie sha to the point that I was starting to think what if it doesn’t turn out as good. But my friend produced it and I was so glad they ‘didn’t fall my hand’. Amazing screenplay, special effects, story line. Cannot wait for the next project by the Omokwe’s. Anything with their name on, I’m watching. 


Torn Nigerian Movie


An erratic woman attempts to stab her best friend in the car park of a mall, claiming that her friend has snatched her husband away. Her friend denies any such claim and the man in question appears to be confused as to the events unfolding around him.

  • Starring – Iretiola Doyle, Monalisa Chinda Joseph Benjamin
  • Directed by Moses Inwang.

This movie is definitely one in a million. We don’t have a lot of Nigerian movies that focus on sensitive issues such as mental disorder. So I was glad that someone took the initiative to talk about this issue without turning it into a big joke/comedy. Iretiola Doyle… hats off to you Mrs. Amazing soundtrack, good story, brilliant acting. 


Itoro Nigerian Movie


A concerned woman takes her neighbors to court after discovering that they terribly abuse their help. After winning the case, she takes responsibility for the child, but lives to bitterly regret the decision.

  • Starring – Monalisa Chinda, Uche Jombo, kalu Ikeagwu.
  • Directed by Moses Inwang.

Itoro, Itoro, Itoro. This one’s more about the story for me. I couldn’t just believe my eyes when the story was unraveled. The irony of life. I would definitely recommend this to everyone. Well worth your time.

Desperate House Girls

Desperate Housegirls Nigerian Movie


Three frustrated street girls working in a local buka where they are constantly harassed by randy old men whimsically leave their jobs and decide to become house girls with the intent to steal and seduce their way to riches.

  • Starring – Ini Edo, Desmond Elliot, Kenneth Okolie.
  • Directed by Desmond Elliot.

I know what you’re thinking. How can a movie with the title ‘Desperate Housegirls’ be any good. That was what I thought too but I promise you, it’s well worth your time. I won’t even bother telling you more and trust me that’s a good thing for those who know me. Make sure you see it. 

On Bended Knees

On Bended Knees poster


An over zealous pastor is more concerned about his congregation and carrying out duties in the church than his neglected wife who deeply yearns for his affection.

  • Starring – Chioma Chukwuka, Seun Akindele, Chet Bashari Anekwe.
  • Directed by Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen.

This movie should be drilled into some households every minute of the day. Prioritizing anything – work, money, church, etc over your family is wrong. Chioma Akpotha should definitely produce more movies. Very very good movie considering its her first. Seun Akindele also did a very good job. This won’t disappoint.

Forgetting June

Forgetting June Nollywood Movie


Most beautiful and admirable couple in town which everyone refers to as inseparable ends up in an unforeseen dilemma, the groom is meant to believe that his dear wife died in an auto crash.

  • Starring – Majid Michel, Mbong Amata, Beverly Naya.
  • Directed by Ikechukwu Onyeka.

I would definitely recommend this over and over again. Lover boy Majid is back… Beverly Naya… I just love you, can’t explain why. The only negative comment I have for this movie is dance-related… Why o why did they have to. But anyways, really good movie if you ignore the dance….


False Nollywood Movie


A devoted girlfriend descends upon her boyfriend’s home to let his wife know of their affair, only when she arrives her boyfriend denies knowing her.

  • Starring – Uche Jombo, Kalu Ikeagwu, Kate Henshaw.
  • Directed by Ike Nnaebue.

Good message for all of you that like to live double lives… Having a naughty girlfriend/boyfriend on BBM who fulfils all your fantasies while you have a loving, devoted, caring wife in reality can be extremely dangerous. Watch this movie to see why. Only question I have for Mrs Rodriguez, is there a Part 2 or is that really the end. 





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  1. Jaun†y™ says:

    This list is on point, the most amazin part of the list is the fact FALSE,,THE MEETIN, TORN, AWAKENIN made the list!

  2. miss peace Bayelsa says:

    Well dis guyz ar trying. i cn see dat dis movies ar improving.tnk God fo owa country..

  3. Francis friday says:

    I love all this movie keeping my mentor


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