Body parts that fell from the sky onto Saudi city could be ‘remains of someone trapped in an aircraft’s landing gear’ – Police

Human body parts that fell from the sky in Saudi Arabia could be the remains of someone trapped in an aircraft’s undercarriage bay, police have revealed. 

Officers said the grisly incident happened near the centre of the Red Sea city of Jeddah, just south of King Abdulaziz International Airport, early this morning.

Saudi Arabian Airline

Force spokesman Nawaf bin Naser al-Bouq said: ‘Police received a telephone call at 2.30 am from a witness reporting the fall of human remains at an intersection in Mushrefa neighbourhood.’

Initial indications were that the remains ‘fell from a plane’s landing gear,’ said Bouq, adding that investigations were ongoing.

The report came after a Saudi Arabian Airlines jet made an emergency landing in the city of Medina in the west of the kingdom, injuring 29 people on Sunday.

In 2010, the head of Beirut’s airport security resigned after the death of a man who managed to hide in the undercarriage bay of a Saudi-bound jet.

The man’s body was found by a maintenance worker who was inspecting the gear of the Saudi-owned Nas Air Airbus A-320 after it landed in Riyadh.

Source: Daily Mail



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