GistUs Celebrity Style: Lupita N’yongo

The 12 Years a Slave actress has graced many red carpet events and never fails to give us something to talk about. So we present some of our favorite Lupita N’yongo looks

Lupita Nyongo18 Lupita Nyongo19 Lupita Nyongo20 Lupita Nyongo21 Lupita Nyongo22 Lupita Nyongo23 Lupita Nyongo Lupita Nyongo1 Lupita Nyongo2 Lupita Nyongo3 Lupita Nyongo4 Lupita Nyongo5 Lupita Nyongo6 Lupita Nyongo7 Lupita Nyongo8 Lupita Nyongo9 Lupita Nyongo10 Lupita Nyongo11 Lupita Nyongo12 Lupita Nyongo13 Lupita Nyongo14 Lupita Nyongo15 Lupita Nyongo16 Lupita Nyongo17



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  1. Mary says:

    nice one great


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