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In the bustling city of Accra, this movie follows the lives of six single working ladies climbing the career ladder but all feeling unfulfilled. Titania (Yvonne Okoro) is a 31 year old grocery store owner, who is desperate to get married. Yolanda (Ebi Bright) is 31 and super rich. Kendra Williams (Beverly Afaglo) is a fearless unit commander of the police’s anti crime division. Zila (Zynell Lydia Zuh) has been planning weddings for the better part of six years, as a wedding planner and events consultant yet she yearns to plan her own. Kristine Adams (Ciara Zita Galega) is an oncologist in a hospital and Serena Rowlands Mills (Mzbel) is a top actress. All these women are friends and have two things common; they are all single women looking for the man of their dreams.

It is not long before most of them become involved with men. Hanks played by Adjetey Annang sweeps Yolanda of her feet after meeting at a jewellery auction, real estate millionaire Quincy begins dating Kristine, Kendra meets detective Brad Anderson on the job, Serena dances into the arms of a producer/director, while Zila falls in love with her neighbour who has a girlfriend. Will there be a happily ever after or a lot of jealousy, desperation and secrets?


Great picture quality and editing. Whoever was in charge of costumes and locations also did a very good job. I literally couldn’t take my eyes off the screen for a second! All the actors and actresses really became the characters they were playing, which made the story believable. The only negative comment I have about the movie is the fact that I felt some of the sex scenes were not really necessary. The emphasis in some cases didn’t add to the story. I like the fact that the end wasn’t as predictable as I thought it’d be (I’m not telling, you’ve got to watch it to find out) But overall, it had a good mix of suspense, comedy, drama and I would totally recommend this movie to everyone and you can watch it free on IROKO TV (links below)

Single Six Part 1 on Irokotv

Single Six Part 2 on Irokotv



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