Obi Emelonye tenders apology to Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola Jalade over ” They are Jobless” interview, says He was misquoted



Omotola and Genevieve

Omotola and Genevieve

Last week an interview that was  published on several blogs and different websites claimed  Movie director, Obi Emelonye said Genevieve and Omotola are currently jobless. Well, it seems the young man’s statement was taken out of context and blown out of proportion. He has tendered an apology to the actresses claiming he was misquoted. Read what he had to say below:

 “I woke up over the weekend to a barrage of online reports of irreverent and disrespectful headlines about Genevieve and Omotola that were attributed to me.
Without delving into too much details, my private conversations in my house with a friend; talking about what Tom Cruise did when he stopped accepting lousy film projects from the big hollywood studios; has been misquoted, misconstrued, taken out of context and blown out of proportions. I want to state firstly that I hold these two titans of our industry in complete veneration. (Even the misquotes could not hide that fact). I am also grateful for their unique contributions to the great success of my collaborative projects with them. Secondly, let it be known that in the time I have known Genevieve and Omotola and in all the dealings that I have had with them, I have never for once said a misplaced word about them, privately or publicly. I have neither betrayed the confidence of their friendship nor tried to gain cheap PR fodder from confidential information I may hold.
The initiator of this cruel stunt has coined stupid headlines to attract attention to themselves. I guess they have succeeded. However, I am not going to give them further relevance by naming them to the world. So I have decided take full responsibility for my naivete in being so indiscreet; something I am not known for.
I have already personally apologised to Omotola and Genevieve for my part in this silliness. It is with their permission and without intending to stoke the fire of this publicity stunt, that I am writing to clarify the situation and also to personally and publicly apologise to the millions of fans and supporters loyal to Genevieve and Omotola who have been scandalised by this perversion.
I have had a rewarding professional relationship with these two icons of our time; based on mutual respect and it is my wish to preserve that. I sincerely hope that this wholehearted and public show of contrition would be enough for Omotola and Genevieve (and their fans) to rise above their legitimate anger about this and forgive a friend who values them more than words can say
We learn everyday. Mia culpa! Mia maxima culpa!
God bless you all.”



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3 Responses to "Obi Emelonye tenders apology to Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola Jalade over ” They are Jobless” interview, says He was misquoted"

  1. darl aby says:

    Wondering why he had to apologise for what’s true. When last v we seen them ‘ ladies ‘ in a recent movie

  2. Rita says:

    na wa oooo wat will those ladies do with Nigeria movie industry when they are big shot already in the world . i wonder why people don’t think before commenting, the young man is just trying to be a perfect gentle man be apologizing so i see nothing wrong in doing that. for once let us be happy when our celebrities are doing well


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