Why I left Mo Hits Records – Wande Coal

Recently confirmed Glo ambassador, singer and ex Mo-hits records star, Wande Coal, in a recent interview reveals why he left Mo-hits records and how he became a Glo ambassador. Here are the excerpts of the interview:


Interviewer: How were you introduced to Glo?

Wande: I have been doing shows for Glo for close to four years.  So, I have been in a relationship with them before I was signed.

Interviewer: The deal must be so juicy for you to come on board?

Wande: I thank God for where I’m coming from.  At the end of the day, it is all about growth.

Interviewer: How much were you paid?

Wande: I won’t disclose that, please.  But it is huge.  It is a two-year contract.

Interviewer: What would you say you have enjoyed so far working with Glo?

Wande: Working with one of the biggest brands in Africa is really a privilege.  There are a whole lot of advantages.  If you go out there, you would see my billboards.  At the end of the day, I will feature in some of their commercials on global TV like CNN, among other privileges.  That’s good enough.  It will make me work harder.  It is a testimony and a dream come true.

Interviewer: But you are not going to be doing collaborations with artistes endorsed by Glo competitors?

Wande: That is not true.  You can collabo with different artistes irrespective of the brands they represent.  As far as you are not out of the Glo umbrella.

 Interviewer:Does meeting D’Banj, your former label boss at Mo’Hit at Glo invoke any nostalgia?

Wande: It is a family.  We are brothers.  I’m happy to meet him here.  D’Banj is a big brother to me.

Interviewer: What is Wande Coal bringing into Glo?

Wande: I’m bringing in a lot through my music.  I’m going to be talking about the brand in my songs, even in my forthcoming album.

Interviewer: How has it been since you left Mavin Records?

Wande: I have learnt to do things on my own.  It is now a different ball game.  I can now diversify.

Interviewer: In your sober moments, do you regret leaving Don Jazzy?

Wande:If you want me to be real, Don Jazzy is like a father to me.  But like you married and left your mom and dad, life must go on. I’m happy that my brand name, Black Diamond is now a reality.  I’m rather grateful to God for the opportunity to actualize my dream.

Interviewer: But are you missing anything at all, like missing some of your folks there?

Wande: I’m not missing anything.  What do you want me to miss?  I still love them.  That is me.  I don’t discriminate. I just love them all.

Interviewer: What is your relationship with Don Jazzy at the moment?

WAnde: We are cool.  We are just cool.

Interviewer: No ill-feelings?

Wande: Why?  I can’t fight Don Jazzy now.  It is not possible.

Interviewer: How far have you gone with your long delayed sophomore album?

Wande: My album is almost ready.  The reason for the delay was because one artiste had to wait for another before he is released.  D’Banj did his album; Wande Coal followed and Dr. Sid.  So, I had to wait for D’Banj’s album.  After D’Banj, it should have been me but the company, Mo’Hit packed up.  And now, it is Black Diamond.

It was not a bad idea that Black Diamond was conceived, but all the noise, drama and controversy was it necessary?

No.  But at the end of the day, it just happened.

Interviewer: Was it your fault?

Wande: How is it going to be my fault?

I did everything based on love.  I didn’t sign any contract in Mavin.  And I was very obedient.  So, I don’t know why I should now be blamed.

Interviewer: Why would you be on a label without contract?

Wande: I signed a contract in Mo’Hit.  But sometimes, you have to look before you leap.  If you like what is on ground, you sign.  If not what you want, you move on.

Interviewer: Can you still do a collabo with Don Jazzy and D’Banj?

Wande: I can work with anybody I wish to work with now.  It is just business.

Interviewer: From Mushin to Black Diamond, what are you most grateful to God so far?

Wande: I thank God for everything.  I’m happy I’m still relevant in the industry.  At the end of the day, I would release this album on Black Diamond label.  Don’t forget I inspired a lot of young artistes like Wizkid, Davido.  I hope I can still do more as I plan to sign new artistes very soon.

Interviewer: Can you still perform all the songs you recorded with Don Jazzy?

Wande: Yes, all through the festive period, I performed all my songs.

Interviewer: We are still asking why you left Mavin?

Wande: At the end of the day, I just wanted growth.  That’s all, no beef.

Interviewer: But some alleged you were sort of taking sides with D’Banj?

Wande: That is not true.  Let me tell you the truth, D’Banj was even the one I hurt most when I decided to remain with Don Jazzy. We were very close but I went to Jazzy.  How then could it be because of D’Banj?  Did you hear that Wande Coal signed with DKM?  I’m just doing my thing.  So, I didn’t take sides.  I love everybody.

Interviewer: Would the wedding bell toll for you anytime soon?

Wande: Maybe.  In four years time.

Interviewer: So, would you say you have been happy in your relationship?

Wande:I thank God.

Interviewer: Would we be surprised if your love child emerges tomorrow?

Wande: I already have a five year-old son. I have been keeping it for a while.  I had him since 2008 before I released my album.

Interviewer: What is his name?

Wande: Coal Junior.

Interviewer: And what is your relationship with your baby mama?

Wande: That is private.



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