Helen Paul bares it all in recent interview

Popular and beautiful Comedienne, Helen Paul recently granted an interview. Helen Paul is one of the pioneers of female comedy in Nigeria. She talked about her life, marriage and career. Here are the excerpts below:


Interviewer: How would you describe 2013, career and family wise?
Helen: It is not  about 2013 or 2014, it is about you learning every day.  It was a  fantastic year in general.  My son started going to school, everything  is getting better.  My husband loves me more, I love him more.  I think I am now feeling like a real mother.  I have to take my son to school  every morning.  There is a routine my husband likes, you have to hug him every morning before he goes to work.  It was a fantastic year.

Interviewer: What was your greatest experience in 2013?
Helen: I can’t say this is it. I celebrate every good time. Anytime I feel a bit down, I think it is just time for me to learn.  In 2013, I realized that I didn’t know (in quotes) what we can define friends to be.  I  didn’t have many friends. I came out with a quotation that, ‘If you  don’t have a friend that builds, you have to build it yourself.’

I had  some misunderstanding with some people I called my friends sometime  back.  I believe my friends should build me, make me feel important than destroying me.  So now, I build my friends.  If someone should come to  me saying, they need the service of a person I know but don’t have  money, I wouldn’t call the person.  I will rather give them the person’s contact, I don’t expect friends to be begging me for house rent or some little things.  Rather than hurt my friend by getting non-paying jobs  for them, I better stay off.

I also sat down to look at other colleagues.  I realized that it was  their friends that revealed their secrets or told people their  problems.  So, those are not friends. I was very conscious of the people I move with. I wasn’t all out there, I only go out for events, get paid and go home. Hardly will you see me at events just wasting my beautiful outfits I am supposed to wear to where I am paid.

Interviewer: What are your projections for 2014?
Helen: To get better, maintain the few friends I discovered in 2013.  To get better in all my crafts and family life.  I have an album in the market I am trying to push.  I know it is not easy but with time and good  friends around me, things will go well.

Interviewer: How did your singing career start?
Helen: A friend, at the same time a big brother, known as Michael Abdul,  influenced it. He called me and asked me what I have been doing with the singing part of me. He said he never knew me to be a comedian but a  singer.  I told him I don’t have time and all that, so he invited me to  the studio, we sang, did the beat and it was okay.  That was how it  started.

Interviewer: A lot of people were quite impressed with your performance in The Return of Jenifa, I think that film brought out the actress in you?
Helen: No, I have done some other flicks before. I think it was because  Funke Akindele was part of it.  I thank God for Funke Akindele who gave  me that opportunity.  A lot of people saw the serious part of me  compared to what I have been known for.

Interviewer: Do you have any script you are working on?
Helen: I don’t write scripts for films.  I do for stage.  But I came back  from Enugu not too long ago, I was shocked when I was invited. I also  did another film with Elvis Chuks.  Funke Akindele was also part of it. I played the lead with Funke.


Interviewer: How do you juggle family and work?
Helen: My friends have been helping out.  My house is a playground.  My  husband is my friend, he understands me well and we assist each other.
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Interviewer: When are you making more babies?
Helen: Me and my friend will discuss that.  My husband is my best friend.

Interviewer: Last year, the rumour was that you were expecting another  child.  Not long after that, you disappeared.  So, people felt it must  be true, maybe you were hiding or something?
Helen: Nothing happened. I just registered for my Ph.D, I had to read, prepare for it. I also opened a shop.  So, I was busy.

Interviewer: How do you cope with all these?
Helen: Having the right people who can make things happen.  Once you trust  the people you have, no problem.  My husband has a law firm, I also  assist in running it.  I am always looking forward to going home to play with my friends.

Interviewer:So, tell us about your shop, when did you set it up?
Helen: That was in 2012.  We sell bridals, Ankara, lace, aso oke, wedding rings, anything that has to do with wedding.

Interviewer: Why are there more men in comedy than women?
Helen: We have more women but there are some jokes women cannot say that men will say.  For instance, there are some things I Go Dye will say and  people will laugh, a woman must not say such. There are jokes I have  made and I started getting calls, even from my seniors.  They insisted I shouldn’t have said such jokes because I am a woman.  I think the  society itself is not supporting women.  Women don’t even support women. When you are married that is another problem.  Some people believe  since you are married, they wouldn’t talk to you again. I think the  society itself is not appreciating women.
Princess is a fantastic comedienne.  If people can only free their  minds.  But as a woman, immediately you get on stage, people are looking at your long earrings, your dress sense, your shoes and all that.  We  are used to criticizing women too much.

Interviewer: What can be done to change that?
Helen: There was this picture of Beyonce and her husband I saw on the  internet.  Beyonce was almost in pants performing.  She was feeling  cool, the lights were on her and all that.  If a Tiwa Savage or Omawumi  should do that, we will say they are prostitutes.  I remember how Yinka  Davies used to dress and even Fela girls, beautiful, clean ladies.  All  they are doing is acting and after the dance, they go to clean their  faces so that you don’t recognize them.  They know you will condemn them and tell people they are prostitutes.  But when a guy does such, we  will all clap and call it his logo.  It is just an act.  Look at the way we condemn Tonto Dikeh, she is just trying to do her thing.  We have  forgotten we all have emotions.  By the time we do all that, we are  already discouraging other women.



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  1. Icebreaker says:

    I do agree with Hellen to an extent, but dressing nude is not in our culture or tradition, it’s alien, just like been gay or lesbian is an alien ideas…..


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