Another plane crash averted in Abuja

The  son of late Ibadan politician, Lamidi Adedibu, Sen Kamoru Adedibu, was among 31 passengers who, escaped death yesterday after an Overland  Airlines aircraft they boarded caught fire shortly before take off at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja yesterday.
According to reports, the plane,  scheduled for Ibadan from  Abuja at 4:52p.m. was about to take off when it started emitting smoke  from one of its engines.

Here’s what one of the passengers had to say concerning the incident:

“We first observed that engineers were frantically fiddling with the  plane’s engine. Then we suddenly saw smoke. It is not funny at all. All of us, including a senator, rushed out of the plane. We were subsequently evacuated by airport officials. As I am  speaking with you now (8:30p.m.), we are waiting for another plane from  Ilorin, which we have been promised will take us to Ibadan. We thank  God,”, she said.

The plane covered in smoke

The plane covered in smoke

Senator Adedibu described the incident as a horrible experience but thanked God that it did not happen mid-air.He commended the pilot, the crew and airport officials for being observant and for the prompt rescue operation.




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