GistUs Weddings: Thelma and Daniel Mamah’s White Wedding

GistUs is honored to present to you the wedding of Thelma (nee Nsofor) and Daniel Mamah. I had the honor of schooling with Thelma (nee Nsofor) and was always amazed by her poise and high standards. She was an exemplary student and a role model to me and I believe to a lot of other girls in school. The best thing was, we were namesakes!!

Thelma is the unique definition of beauty and brains – her high moral standing and top of the class IQ earned her the badge of Head Girl at The Federal Government Girls’ College. At the early age of 16/17, Thelma became in charge of an entire school of no less than 2000 pupils. Power maybe intoxicating; however, Thelma willed it for good as she never failed to show immense compassion and mercy to both her mates and her juniors. Most of all, she never compromised on her believes or her moral standing.

Daniel Mamah is a lucky man to have found Thelma and this union would forever be blessed for the thousands of lives she has blessed. 





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3 Responses to "GistUs Weddings: Thelma and Daniel Mamah’s White Wedding"

  1. janet ojo says:

    O my dear thelma, am wishing u so much happiness now n beyond. Congrats

  2. Obum says:

    Woww! So lovely. You missed her beautiful early years in Shell Camp Primary School, Owerri. Guess what, I had a crush on her. I remember going to church in Feddy from Collage to see Thelma but like say boyo no meet up hahahaha. I wish you a perfect union dear. Congrats Daniel, you’ve got a great wife.


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