I and my brother share 50-50 of everything – Peter Okoye reveals

Talented singer, Peter Okoye, of the P-Square duo, affirmed in a recent interview that he would never go solo. He also revealed how he and his twin brother, Paul, share their income. Here are excerpts from the interview below:


Peter Okoye: Never! We are happy and we share 50-50 of  everything. If we do an album now and I am responsible for all the jobs, Paul would still get his 50 per cent. Sometimes, I would write a song  and sing the first verse. Paul’s voice may not be good for that second  verse but you won’t be able to tell the difference. The only person who  may push us to go solo is our mother and that is not going to be  possible.



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  1. Kings lusala says:

    Would these twins marrie same wife?


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