Etisalat says It is not responsible for “Uche face your work” customer care call

Telecommunications giant, Etisalat has disowned the phone call comic that went viral recently concerning an Etisalat customer care rep, who made a call to an alleged customer.
Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Friday, February 7, 2014, Chineye  Amanfo, spokesperson of the telecommunications company reacted to the  alleged call, “We are aware of the telephone conversation from the so  called Etisalat customer care personnel. We are currently investigating  the matter but it is not a commercial from Etisalat. All our commercials are handled by our agency and it will be duely signed before it can be  released”.


The routine call which lasted two and half minutes had Uche, the alleged  Etisalat agent communicating with a supposed subscriber known as  Abdulraman Bakare. Unfortunately, Abdulraman’s wife was the one that  picked the call.

In the conversation that ensued, the woman warned Uche  to face her work and stop trying to steal other people’s husband. She also threatened to show up at Etisalat’s office to report Uche to the management. Throughout the conversation, Uche remained  polite and professional in her dealing with the woman.
Since the communication went viral, different comic photographs,  write ups and comments have flooded the social media about the  conversation.
They include Every Uche Omise on my matter, please face your work. My pikin, I say let me ask you, do MTN call people like that, why this  Uche no wan face her work. My name is Uche and I am innocent in this  matter.”
ENCOMIUM Weekly’s checks revealed that no agency has laid claim to  the commercial. However, speculations abound that the commercial might  have come from competitors and distractors who are adapting measures on  how to cope with the competitive market.
The call which is trending is reported below:
Uche: Good morning.
Woman: Hello
Uche: Hello, good morning
Woman: Good Morning
Uche: My name is Uche, I am calling you from Etisalat customer care. How are you today?
Woman: Fine, how is work
Uche: Work is fine, thank God.  We are calling you to thank you for ‎ your patronage on Etisalat net work.
Woman: Okay, thank you very much.
Uche:‎ Am I speaking with Abulraman Bakar.
Woman: You want to talk to him.
Uche: I want to confirm, is that the person I ‎ am speaking with .now.
Woman: N​o, I ‎​am working with them. Can I  call him for you?
Uche: Is he close by?
Woman: ‎​​​Yes
Uche: Okay, I will like to speak with him.
Woman: I ‎ am just working with them.
Woman calls her husband: Daddy nko? E pee daddy wa. Okay, won wee.
Woman: Hello, he is bathing?
Uche: Okay, please may ‎​I know ‎​your name.
Woman: I ‎​am working with them.
Uche: It is okay, I will like to know who I ‎​am speaking with.
Woman: I ‎​am not the owner of the phone, he is the owner of the phone.
Uche: It’s alright. When would you want me to call back so ‎​I can speak with him?
Woman: Can I know ‎​your name so he can call you back?
Uche: It’s okay, you cannot call this number, but we will call back.
Woman: Okay, well done. Is that how you people use to call them?
Uche: It’s ‎​​alright, ‎​​​yes. We check up on our customers from time to time
Woman: Okay, he will come and see you  ‎​​​in the office. I will tell him.
Uche: There will be ‎​no need, we will call back.
Woman:‎ Okay.
Uche: We just want to know if he is having any issue with his line.
Woman: Iyawo Uche, se bi awon Etisalat tin pe oko oloko lori phone ni yen.
Well done oooo.
Uche: Its ‎​​alright ma, thank you very much for ‎​your time.
Woman: If he needs you, he will call. I ‎​am his  wife ooo, face ‎ your work ooo because MTN don’t call customers like  that, face ‎​your work. You don’t need to call him for anything again,  if he needs you, he will call you
Uche: It is ‎​alright ma.

Trust Nigerians, here are some of the comics that have been produced concerning the alleged call! You can laugh out loud!












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