Femi Branch and Family face eviction over unpaid house rents

It has not been the best of times for handsome Nollywood Yoruba actor and former Glo ambassador, Femi Branch, as he is on the verge of being evicted from the home he shares with his wife and children, by his Landlord. Since Femi vanished from the big screen some years ago, he has faced a lot of difficulties which a lot of people claim is spiritual.
According to sources, the actor has been given up to this month to pay up or he risks being pushed out of his rented Iyan Oluwo, Abeokuta home. A source said; “ His wife has been responsible for the upkeep and payment of the children’s school fees. The actor, last year tried to raise some funds to shot a movie that was expected to return him back to the limelight but could not gather enough funds from friends for the project. “
femi branch3femi branch2

He was rumoured to have run from his family last year which he denied. Hear him; “How possible is it to abandon my family in such a despicable manner? This I believe was rumoured, around the period following my one year hiatus caused by my accident, I had not worked for a whole year and I needed to come back into the system so my colleagues would know I was back and fully recuperated. People that didn’t see me in or around my house at that period naturally came up with all sorts of rumors. Most people living around us don’t know what’s up with us or what’s going on in our home because we keep to ourselves and oftentimes, when you’re in the eye of the public and people don’t know facts about you, they make up different things as it suits their fancy.”

Femi you are a great actor and I wish you recovery in all you have lost. You will surely bounce back.



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