Happy Valentines’ Day People!!!

Today I wake up lazily from my bed, I am not excited at all!!! I look at my phone and check updates on my BBM and Whatsapp social networks. Everybody is putting up display pictures of their lovers, wishing their lovers the best valentine in  the world…blah blah blah. Urrgh… I say to myself, I should not have looked at my phone at all today. Well, that’s my life as a single young woman.

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Today is the day my female colleagues in the office will keep bragging about the gifts they are likely to get from their lovers. Today is the day presents and cakes will be mailed to other women around me and I’d keep looking odd throughout the day, because I am not getting any fancy presents, no cake, no expensive perfume, no luxurious dinner.Today is the day no-one has time for me, no-one has asked me on a date, today I feel so unloved and unwanted. OMG, today is valentines’ day and I forgot to get a boyfriend!!


Well, its time to snap out of it!! Date or mate or whatever, I have made up my mind to rock today like never before. TGIF! Yeah, Thank God It’s Friday, and I will not be left behind at all. Being single is not a disease, there are peeps out there who are too bothered about other things in their everyday lives to even think about valentine. There are those who are homeless, those who don’t have food, those who are ill, those who are in prison and those who are facing some kind of stress or the other. And here I am brooding because I don’t have a mate for today.

Today there will be lots of discounts in stores and fancy restaurants. So I have made up my mind to take advantage of those discounts and treat myself to all the good things today. I will go to that luxurious spa and relax, I’d go to that normally expensive boutique that is offering almost 50% discount and pick up nice and fancy things for myself, I’d also take myself out to that Italian restaurant that is offering a valentines day special. From there I’d go down to the candy store and pick all the normally expensive and fancy chocolates(which of course has had its price slashed considerably), then last but best of all, I’d hit the club, knowing that there are many single people like me who just want to have fun(maybe I’d meet my “someone special” there) Lol.

See!! its not only couples that can have fun today.

Here’s wishing everybody a “Happy Valentine’s Day”, whether single or hooked, make sure you have fun!!



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One Response to "Happy Valentines’ Day People!!!"

  1. charity says:

    This was ow I felt yesterday,my valantine was so dry.I must get a man nex year.no dulling at all


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